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Today’s dinner

Taco salad. Easily made with chicken meat farce (or something like that). With taco spice, of course. Chinese cabbage, maize, cucumber  and taco sauce. And  Machos on the side. It’s super good, I love TACO. Give me Mexico!!!


The best chocolate in the WORLD

You like chocolate, eat the Norwegian, seriously : IT’S THE BEST!!!


Healthy “I am bored food”

When I am bored I need to eat. Just something, and I son’t think I’m the only one. For all you “I am bored, and gotta eat” people here is my tips for you. Eat raw carrots, it’s healthy and good for you. And it tastes good!! Try it. If you think it’s boring, make a light dip, f.eks light sour cream with some spice, tzatziki or guacamole.


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Hair treatment

I just showered, and would like to come with a tips to all hairtypes out there. Maybe especially those who  grafter with dry and frizz hair. All you need to the recipes are:

  1. Avocado
  2. Oil
  3. Mayonnaise
Mix it all together with a food-mixer. Wash your hair, take the treatment in you hair. Wait about 10 minutes, and wash it all out. Then you finish with a normal conditioner.
Mmmmm, yummi!


The most important meal of the day, are suppose to be breakfast. Eating a healthy and good breakfast can actually make your day. Maybe I’m special, but I think breakfast is the best meal of the day. You are hungry an haven’t eat in a long time. My breakfast was today: Coffee, of course. No breakfast without! Boiled egg and crispbread with normal cheese and Norwegian  goat cheese.

That’s my breakfast for today. And it’s healthy. Why you may ask? Well, eggs give you proteins, cheese give you fat, and crisp bread give you a lot of fiber. Coffee give you no calories, only if you add some milk. I did, but I use very little, and a light milk. Coffee is also good for your fat burning.

Soon I’m going to meet my friend, and hang out with him for a while.

Have a nice day , and see you soon.

When it’s all about me

I have decided to tell a bit about myself. I’m 17, and from Norway. I dance and go to school. I have a brother and a sister, a cat, mum and dad. I live on a farm, with forest on every side. No train, and almost non bus. Yea, farm life is wonderful, or just not…

I enjoy cross-country, and  slalom. Like being with friends and want to be a journalist. Food is a passion I have, if you have any recipes, you think I should try out, tips me!!

Sunday feeling

Hello! I had a nice evening last night, thou it didn’t turn out as I thought. Things aren’t always as you planned, or what? Anyway, it’s easter, but no snow, and no skiing. We always travel to our cottage in the easter holiday, but not this year.

To day I wen to the cinema with my sister, we saw “Water to Elephants”. It was super sweet, but also sad. A typical girl-movie, I think. Have you seen it?

Remember I tolled you about my oreo cake project? I ate it earlier today, and it tasted good! But we were 6 persons, and we didn’t even eat half of the cake!!! Try make it yourself one day!

party like a rockstar

Hei there. Finally, someone has commented on my posts.  That means so much to me, and give my inspiration to continue. Right now I’m going to straight my hair. Later three friends come over. We’ll eat, and get ready for a party. Hope it’ll be good.

I’ts such a nice day today. Gotta run, much to do – so little time.

What are your plans for today?


Lunch is good for you

Lunch is good, for you and your health, body and mood. It’s much to chose about. Since I have made an food kind blog, that’s not only about food. I will come with tips.

All you need is

  1. an apple
  2. cinnamon
And thats is. Cut the apple in pieces, and dust cinnamon over.
An apple a day, keeps the doctor awayWell, now I’ll make some youghurt with cereal and cashewnuts. Have a nice lunch, the wetter is wonderful.
– xoxox